the ugly truth.

You’re hurt. I get it. I can’t emphasize how much I sympathize. I can’t explain how much I understand your pain. Please don’t forget, when I say what’s next, what I said first. I’m not asking you not to hurt.

I’m asking you not to give up.

I’m asking you to see the good and understand that the bad is just a fad that will be eradicated. I’m asking you ┬źcompartir en el idealismo conmigo┬╗. When I say ideal, I don’t mean something that won’t happen; I mean something that has already happened, we just don’t see it yet. I’m not asking you to be ignorant, just hopeful and without regret.

I see the ugly, really, I do. I just know ugly turns to beautiful when confronted with Truth. And I know the Truth is here, we are just too often blind. Truth came, died, and created new life. The truth is, the world is a beautiful place. And truth is something pain and evil cannot erase.