what is justice and why do we want it?

What does justice look like to you? A stranger sitting behind a bench universally applying the same standard to all? Someone you’ve never met deciding your fate and punishing you for your actions?

I would submit that justice is greater than that. God as Judge acts to make things right. He does not want to punish, but to renew. He knows you perfectly, and he knows what best works to wipe away every tear and correct every injustice. He doesn’t have to kill you to make things right. You do die (to your old self), but God, as Judge, then resurrects his original, perfect creation.

Justice isn’t punishment; it is renewal.

When you ask for justice, you are not asking to be stricken down for your sins, you are asking for God’s perfect kingdom. Don’t abuse the word “justice” by calling for the deaths of terrorists or enemies or baby killers. We all deserve death, but that is not what God wants.

Thanks be to God! The old has passed, behold — he makes all things new! All things!