on why Evangelism is good but not Christlike.

Jesus never said, “go and evangelize,” or “go and make Christian.” He said “go and make disciples of all nations.” It was not simply salvation that Jesus desired for mankind, but a change of lifestyle. Christianity is about so much more than getting to heaven, it is about walking in the kingdom of God. It’s not over when we get to heaven; it’s only begun! We want to be as prepared as possible for heaven by the time we get there so that we can continue walking in God’s purpose.

Typical evangelism, such as short-term missions, is great, but mostly for your benefit. Real evangelizing means making disciples, not just Christians. Real evangelicalism should center around sustainable discipleship and community.

To evangelize without discipleship is to get someone to heaven but not to teach them how God’s kingdom runs. It’s inconsiderate, really. They will be utterly unprepared for how vastly different heaven is than earth.

Let us walk in the kingdom of God now, denying the systems of a fallen world! Let us rejoice that Christ has redeemed the earth and let us proclaim a new kingdom rather than simple salvation from the old one. Go forth with this new kingdom and its glory on your lips. Disciple as Jesus did. Christianity is not meant to be entry into a new kingdom alone; it is the consistent act of walking in that kingdom.


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